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08/11/99 New: Lovehit 1.0b12 (Chat)

05/03/99 New: Norman Virus Control  4.6 (Antivirus)

05/02/99 New: NewsGrabber 2.1.26 (Internet/News)

05/01/99 New: CompuPic 4.5 Builder (Graphics)

04/29/99 New: NetObjects Fusion 4.0 (Html Editor)

04/29/99 New: The Bat (Internet/Mail)

04/29/99 New: Wintune 98 v 1.0.38 (Benchmarks)

04/27/99 New: AntiViral Toolkit Pro 3.0 build 129 a (Antivirus)

AntiViral Toolkit Pro for Windows® 95/98/NT is a 32 bit application specifically developed for these advanced Operating Systems. Using advanced technology to prevent, detect, and remove today's most sophisticated viruses whether they be polymorphic, stealth, macro, or boot sector viruses.

04 /19/99 New: GetRight 3.3.4 (Internet/Download)

A very full featured downloading tool for the serious downloader and novices alike. Advanced features include scheduling downloads, dialing your modem, hanging up your modem (or shutting down your computer) when downloads are done, finding the fastest server to download from, and more.

04/17/99 New: AtomTime98 2.1b (Windows)

04/15/99 New: Windows Media Player 6.2b  (Multimedia)

04/15/99 New: News Rover 4.4  (Internet/News)

News Rover is the ultimate tool for extracting information from Usenet newsgroups. News Rover automates the process of searching for messages, downloading them, decoding file attachments, and reconstructing files that are split across multiple messages. News Rover does all of this automatically while you are at work, sleeping, or browsing the net. When you are ready to read messages and look at the pictures it has collected, they are ready for instant access on your computer. News Rover does the work, so you don't have to waste time waiting for messages to be downloaded and decoded.

04/10/99 New: Active Pearl Builder 515 (Programming)

The ActivePerl Package is the most significant and exciting advance in Perl on Win32 platforms since version 5 was first released. Remember the days of "which port are you using" and "does this module support this port"? Well, those days are gone with the 8088! This is the long-awaited "merge" of the two popular Perl ports, and has the absolute best of both plus more! And, ActivePerl is FREE!

04/07/99 New: ThumbsPlus v 4.02 (Graphics)

04/05/99 New: Snag It 32 v 4.32 (Graphics)

03 /24/99 New: WinRAR 2.50 (Archivers)

03/18/99 New: Internet Explorer 5. (Internet/Browser)

03/08/99 New: Netscape Communicator 4.51   (Internet/Browser)

03/05/99 New: WinAmp 2.20 (Music)

02/24/99 New: Hot Dog Pro 5.5 (Html Editor)

02/19/99 New: mIRC 5.51 (Internet/Chat)


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