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02/10/99 New: NewsGrabber 2.1.21 (Internet/News)

NewsGrabber can be used to automatically download pictures, video, music, sound files from all your favorite USENET news groups.

02/06/99 New: FTP Control 3.0 (Internet/FTP)

Multiple, simultaneous open FTP connections/Sessions. - Stay connected to all multiple FTP hosts and even transfer files between them without the toil of downloading and then uploading again - everything is done remotely, extremely fast.

02/04/99 New: FTP Voyager 6.1 (Internet/FTP)

FTP Voyager lets you perform FTP tasks as if working locally in Windows Explorer. Connect to any FTP site, drag-n-drop files, synchronize, simultaneous transfers, auto-resume downloads, and more! Version 6.1 introduces a series of new features. FTP Voyager 6.1 gives you everything you need and more to make your FTP operations easy and hassle-free!.

02/03/99 New: GetRight 3.3.3 (Internet/Download)

A very full featured downloading tool for the serious downloader and novices alike. Advanced features include scheduling downloads, dialing your modem, hanging up your modem (or shutting down your computer) when downloads are done, finding the fastest server to download from, and more.

01/28/99 New: NewsRover 4.2

News Rover is the ultimate tool for extracting information from Usenet newsgroups. News Rover automates the process of searching for messages, downloading them, decoding file attachments, and reconstructing files that are split across multiple messages. News Rover does all of this automatically while you are at work, sleeping, or browsing the net. When you are ready to read messages and look at the pictures it has collected, they are ready for instant access on your computer. News Rover does the work, so you don't have to waste time waiting for messages to be downloaded and decoded.

01/22/99 New: CuteFTP 2.8

CuteFTP is a Windows-based File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client that allows users to utilize the capabilities of FTP without having to know all the details of the protocol itself. This excellent FTP program has a lot more than just a pretty interface. .


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